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Roadmap to A Productive You

You need to assume that you have to invest time in learning SkedPal and practice before you can get full results. Your ability to work with SkedPal will influence many decisions and actions in your work and life. You will find yourself a different person who is more confident and less anxious about workload and commitments. The hard work you put into mastering SkedPal will be well worth the effort.

Nevertheless, don’t let the steep learning curve scare you. SkedPal is one of those systems that you can use right away… sort of. Yes, it’s going to take some time to learn all the features. But with a little bit of effort, you can schedule your tasks nearly as fast as you can talk.

The primary technique we’ll use to make learning easier is to divide the learning process into 4 levels. The basic idea is that you should get started pretty fast with scheduling a fairly small to-do list. As you progress and gain confidence, you will want to move on to the more advanced levels. We would not recommend that you rush through all 4 levels. Each level is important to your success and you should strive for mastery at each level before moving on.

Level 1 – Neophyte

  1. Essential Settings
  2. Outline Basics
  3. Moving and Sorting in the Outline
  4. Importing Your Task List
  5. Introduction to Time Maps
  6. Introduction to Planning
  7. Understanding Task Properties
  8. Setting a Plan for a Task
  9. How to Set Task Properties in the Task Title (NLP)
  10. Planning Routines and Habits
  11. Using the SkedPal Calendar

Level 2 – Practitioner

  1. How Prioritization Works in SkedPal
  2. Using the Board
  3. Setting Priority for New Tasks

Level 3 – Expert

  1. Project Planning
  2. Scheduling Status
  3. Suggestions
  4. Setting Dependencies Between Tasks

Level 4 – Ninja

  1. Setting up Your Productivity Zones
  2. Prioritization and Budget
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