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The Outline is where you organize your work. It’s the place to add and save all your ideas, commitments, projects, habits, and any other type of task. The Outline is a great way to help you organize the open loops in your work and life. It’s where you need to empty your head. It can help you group thoughts and show the relationship between ideas.


In the conventional way of scheduling your tasks, you would normally schedule a reminder on a specific day OR at a specific time. And, those who use time-blocking, would schedule the full duration of the task.

In SkedPal, you can schedule your work based on the natural way you would ask your assistant: Find time for my project to complete by May 10th. 


Time is a zero-sum game. And our productivity is not about doing more things; it’s about doing the right things. For every task that is scheduled earlier, some other task has to wait for later. SkedPal board helps you prioritize what matters most to you. 


With just one click, all your tasks are scheduled – at your preferred times! From now on, if it’s on your SkedPal, it’s done! SkedPal is the clicker task scheduler you’ve been dreaming of! It keeps your life fully scheduled, rescheduling everything automatically if anything goes wrong. 

Time Blocking, A Comprehensive Guide

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