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Default Values

When you create a new task, multiple task properties are automatically assigned to your task. Some of these properties are inherited from higher levels of the Outline. And, if there is nothing to inherit, some properties use the default values. The following describes three of the default values. For the full list of default properties, please see this article.

To set these properties, go to the app settings->Preferences

Default New Task Duration

If most of your tasks have a specific duration, you might want to update the default duration. This way, you don’t have to set the duration for each task.

Default Minimum Block Length

The minimum block length is useful for long tasks. If most of your tasks are long, you might want to set your own MBL to save time creating new tasks. Note that if your task duration is shorter than the minimum block length (MBL), MBL will be ignored. For example, if your default MBL is 1h and your task duration is 5 minutes, MBL will not play a role here in scheduling your task.

Default New Task Scheduling Method

This is probably one of the most important default values that will have a profound impact on your schedule. Time blocking vs task bundling determines whether your tasks will mostly appear as time blocks or as bundled tasks in the calendar. SkedPal recommends bundling as the default method. Then, set Time Blocking option for your most important tasks that require deep work. This way, you shouldn’t have more than 2 to 3 hours of time blocks in a day. Also, synching your time blocks with your external calendar helps you block your time so your colleagues won’t invite you into meetings.

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