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Scheduling Granularity and Window

To set the scheduling granularity and window, go the Settings->Preferences

Scheduling Granularity

The scheduling granularity defines the minimum slot length on the calendar. For example, if your scheduling granularity is 30 minutes, you will not find any block on the calendar smaller than 30 minutes. Now, if you have a task that is smaller than 30 minutes, SkedPal bundles it with other small tasks so the small tasks will share a 30-min block.

Scheduling Window

The scheduling window is the number of days in which SkedPal schedules your tasks and syncs your calendar events. For example, if you set it to 21 days, SkedPal schedules the next 21 days for you.

Calendar syncs are also affected by this scheduling window. So, if you have an appointment outside of this window, it will not sync until it falls into the window.

The scheduling window is a rolling window. In other words, it’s always about the next x days.

Do not choose a long scheduling window if you don’t really need to schedule far out. A long scheduling window will slow down the update-schedule process.

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