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Making Quick Time Map Adjustments on the Calendar

Time Maps help you organize your schedule, and while you typically set them up using the Time Maps settings, making swift changes for specific timeframes directly on the calendar is just as easy. Instead of being bound by a rigid weekly template, you have the flexibility to adapt to unique situations.

For instance, suppose your usual working hours are 9 am to 5 pm. On a particular day, you may need to conclude your tasks by 3 pm or, conversely, extend your workday until 6 pm. These adjustments are conveniently made directly from the calendar view, providing a seamless way to tailor your schedule to real-world demands.

Enhancing Visibility with Time Maps Sidebar Integration

For a comprehensive overview, you have the option to easily display all your Time Maps in a convenient sidebar adjacent to your scheduled tasks and events. This feature offers a couple of notable advantages. Firstly, it allows you to view all Time Maps simultaneously, side by side, even when they overlap—an aspect not achievable through the settings alone. Secondly, you gain the benefit of seeing the specific Time Map hours alongside your tasks and events, providing a clear correlation between your scheduled activities and the allocated time slots.

To reveal or hide the Time Map sidebars, simply click the dropdown menu labeled ‘Time Maps’ located at the top of the calendar within the header area. This action will unveil a comprehensive list of all your Time Maps. Upon hovering your mouse over a Time Map name, two distinct buttons become visible. The first button, represented by the Edit Icon, allows you to seamlessly edit the hours associated with that particular Time Map. The second icon serves as a toggle, indicating whether the Time Map sidebar is currently activated or deactivated for the corresponding Time Map.

Amending Time Map Hours on the Calendar

When modifying Time Maps directly on the calendar, it’s important to note that the alterations apply exclusively to the dates visible on the calendar. In contrast to changes made through Settings, where you’re prompted to specify whether adjustments are for all weeks or only the current week, calendar edits consistently pertain to the week or timeframe currently displayed. This ensures that your modifications are localized to the specific period you’re actively viewing.

Tailoring Task-Specific Time Preferences

While Time Maps serve as a guide for the preferred timing of a group of tasks, there are instances where you need to customize the schedule for a specific task, deviating from the general Time Map setup. For example, suppose you have a task associated with a specific project or gig set up with the ‘Working Hours’ Time Map. Now, let’s say you want to work on this task specifically on a Sunday without affecting the Time Map hours for all tasks under the ‘Working Hours’ Time Map. In such cases, you can set up unique preferred times for this particular task.

To accomplish this, simply right-click on the task within the calendar, and choose ‘Set preferred times…’ from the context menu. This action opens a familiar interface, similar to the Edit Time Map hours, where you can designate green, yellow, red, or black hours to specify your preferences exclusively for this task.

SkedPal will make every effort to schedule this task according to the specified preferred times. However, if it proves challenging, the app will default to the associated Time Map hours, in this scenario, the ‘Working Hours’ Time Map.

Once you’ve set preferred times for a task, you can view this information in the task details section. To make adjustments, click on the ‘preferred times’ line, or alternatively, use the calendar event right-click (context menu) option to conveniently recall and edit the last set times.

To remove the preferred times, a simple click on the ‘x’ located on the right side of the line will promptly eliminate the custom preferences.

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