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SkedPal integrates seamlessly with Asana. This enables Asana team members to schedule their tasks and confidently deliver them on time before due dates. In addition, SkedPal helps Asana teams to come up with realistic due dates for projects. This is possible when team members first successfully schedule their tasks with sufficient buffer and then confirm the due date for each task.

How SkedPal + Asana Integration Works

The following is the list of specific connections between the two apps:

  • Titles, descriptions, and due dates sync both ways.
  • SkedPal syncs only tasks assigned to you in Asana. Assigning or unassigning a task in Asana adds or removes the task from SkedPal.
  • Marking a task complete in either Asana or SkedPal updates both sides.
  • Multiple Asana projects can sync with a single SkedPal project (or any line in the Outline).
  • Once an Asana task is synced with SkedPal, you can move it to anywhere in the Outline.

sync Out of Scope

  • Asana Tags – tags in Asana do not sync with SkedPal
  • Asana Hierarchy relations – Asana sub-tasks do not inherit the project of their parent task. Therefore, to sync sub-tasks, the Asana project must be manually added to the sub-tasks in Asana. Once sub-tasks are part of the project in the scope of the sync, they will appear in SkedPal. However, the sub-tasks will not be under the parent. You can manually move sub-tasks in SkedPal to any parent.
  • SkedPal Plans – What syncs with Asana is the due date. Changes to the plan will not sync with Asana.

Connecting to Asana

  1. Go to the app settings -> Integrations -> Asana
  2. Click on the button: ‘Connect to Asana’. This should open a popup window and allow you to authenticate with Asana and grant access to SkedPal to sync.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select a Workspace to sync.
  4. Set the appropriate options in the workspace settings. See the section below.
  5. Either browse or search the list of projects. Connect each project you want to connect to SkedPal by clicking the ‘connect’ button shown on the same row. This will pop up a window to allow you to search for the correct parent line in SkedPal.

Workspace Settings

The following lists the options in the workspace settings:

Asana tasks with no project – The main identifier for the sync process is the Asana project. In other words, you define which project(s) in a workspace should sync with SkedPal. However, Asana also allows adding tasks that do not belong to any project. This option allows in the workspace settings allows you to specify a parent in SkedPal under which all tasks in Asana without a project will sync. You may also decide to assign a smart tag as soon as a new task in Asana syncs with SkedPal.

New projects in Asana workspace – It’s best if you explicitly sync new projects in the workspace. However, if you wish to sync all new projects automatically, you can use this option to sync new projects with SkedPal. The limitation here is that the parent line in SkedPal will be the same for all new projects.

You may also specify a smart tag for tasks that are synced because a new project is created. This tag will help you identify tasks from new Asana projects.

Custom field – If you’re using a text custom field for giving tasks a ‘duration’, select this custom field. Examples: 1h, 15m, or 10m.

  • Numeric or other types of custom fields will not show here.
  • Your custom field must be added to the Asana Workspace library. There is a checkbox in the Asana custom field settings for that.
  • If you just added or changed a custom field while this page was loaded, please reload this workspace.

To fully optimize the Asana+SkedPal integration, we recommend following this workflow. Begin by creating a project in Asana called ‘Current Focus’. Then, sync only this project with SkedPal. In Asana, you can add this project to the task in your current focus for the next 10 to 15 days. Asana allows adding multiple projects to a task. Once added, you can easily prioritize and plan each task in SkedPal. This streamlined process will help you make the most out of both platforms.

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