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Mobile App Version 3.4

Features & Improvements

  • App Opening Time is now much faster
    • Jump Right In – No more waiting! Our app now opens much faster so you can focus on what matters.
  • Add Task Improvements
    • Ability to drag the + button and drop on the list
    • By default, new tasks are added to Inbox unless you specify a parent
  • Much Improved Navigation
    • Footer buttons for navigation
    • Shortcut Menu
  • Improved Task Detail Popup
    • Attachments are now available
    • Sub-tasks are immediately visible
    • Sessions of recurring tasks are listed
    • Plan Summary is visible
    • Properties are grouped on a separate page
  • Calendar Improvements
    • Overall navigation improvements
    • The ‘now line’ is now added
  • Time Maps
    • You can now edit Time Maps on the fly using your mobile device.
  • Dark Mode
    • Easy on the eyes – Switch to dark mode for a comfortable viewing experience.
  • Android & iOS Widget for Today view
    • Stay on top of your day with a glance – Add our home screen widget for a quick view of your agenda on iOS and Android.
  • Android & iOS Sharing
    • Clip anything, anywhere – web pages, articles, or content from other apps – straight to SkedPal where it becomes a new task.
Time Blocking, A Comprehensive Guide

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