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Change Log

Version 3.7.113

Sep 12, 2023

  • Various small bug fixes & improvements

Version 3.7.86

Nov 24, 2022

  • The calendar-event-as-Time-Map now must have the exact Time Map name. Previously, similar names were also used for matching.
  • A bug related to pinning bundle parent events on the calendar is fixed
  • A bug related to recurring bundle parent with ‘container’ property is fixed  

Version 3.7.85

Nov 23, 2022

  • Sync your exclusive bundle with your Time-Block calendar. If you have set up your time-blocked tasks to sync with a different calendar, you’ll now be able to include your exclusive bundles. You’ll see the option in the task (exclusive bundle) detail box.
  • Event-as-Time-Map will no longer appear on the SkedPal calendar. If an event in your external calendar is meant to add green hours to your Time Map, it will no longer appear in your SkedPal calendar.
  • NLP improvements: Try “by today 5pm“, “today 5pm“, “before Monday
  • Time Entry for Partial Complete now supports HHMM format
  • Other Bug Fixes

Version 3.7.84

Nov 20, 2022

  • Line Menu: When hovering over a line in the Outline, you’ll see the line menu has moved to the left side.
  • Opening Task Detail: A new button (show details) appears when hovering over the line. This button replaces the arrow that showed to the far right of the line.
  • Left Pane Collapse: A new button at the top of the left pane allows you to close the left pane.
  • New Dependency types: Right before, Right after, and During. These new dependency types allow you to schedule a task right before, after, or during a fixed event on your calendar. When the calendar event moves, these tasks will automatically reschedule. Learn more
  • Using Calendar Events to Amend Time Maps:  If you include a Time Map name in an event title inside brackets, SkedPal assumes this is NOT your busy time. Instead, this is going to be an additional availability in the mentioned Time Map! Learn more.
  • Exclusive Bundles: A new type of scheduling is added to the task detail that allows you schedule similar tasks together. Before this feature, a bundle could include tasks from anywhere. Now, you’ll be able to define exclusive bundles that include only related tasks. Learn more.
  • Duplicates & Dependencies: If you duplicate a nested list (e.g. a project template), the dependencies set within the nested list will now properly duplicate. Previously, the dependencies stayed within the original lines.
  • All-around improvements: The overall performance of the app is improved and various issues especially in NLP have been fixed.

Watch this video for some “advanced usage” of some of these new features:

Time Blocking, A Comprehensive Guide

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